Deep Relief Pain Relief Gel


Perception of pain occurs as a result of pain signals flooding the brain. However, pain signals must compete with other sensory signals such as cold and touch. If these signals are of greater intensity than pain signals, then the perception of pain is reduced.

How Levomenthol works

Levomenthol is the other active ingredient in Deep Relief. Levomenthol, acts on the cold-sensitive receptors in the skin flooding the sensory nerves with cold signals (see Figure below). These cold signals compete with the pain signals and dilute the pain messages going to the brain.

Make peace with your pain

The combination of Ibuprofen and Levomenthol effectively relieves pain and inflammation to help you get back on your feet. A recent lab study has shown that Levomenthol acts synergistically with Ibuprofen to enhance delivery of Ibuprofen through the skin compared with Ibuprofen alone.

Levomenthol stimulates and triggers cold receptors in the skin

Levomenthol diagram

Cold receptor send sensory signals to the brain to dilute the pain signal passing through the pain "Gate"

Helping you to get Victory over pain

Combining the power of 2 painkilling ingredients with anti-inflammatory action, Deep Relief helps relieve pain in one targeted hit. Whilst Ibuprofen penetrates deep to reduce inflammation and swelling, Levomenthol cools and soothes – helping the delivery of powerful pain relief where you need it most.

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Deep Relief is a medicine for muscular aches and pains. Always read the label.